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ERP Moves into the Cloud: Hansaworld Introduces New Cloud Services

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

ERP Moves into the Cloud Hansaworld Introduces New Cloud Services Mandatek

Cloud computing continues to demonstrate that the advantages it promises are consistently delivered. These advantages of reduced cost, improved efficiency and greater flexibility have always held great appeal for the enterprise technology user, since, in simple terms, it means reduced capital and operational expense.

HansaWorld, established in Sweden in 1988 by founder Karl Bohlin, has introduced a number of Cloud Services to help businesses run more efficiently. The new functions, including Credit Card purchasing, SMS sending, Exchange Rate Lookup, Electronic payments, Credit History and Address Lookup are built into the program and need no additional software.

“The process of ERP moving into the cloud has already started,” says Johani Marais, South Africa country manager for HansaWorld. “Like many other cloud services, it starts with the most common services or modules, which are also the most mature and are somewhat commoditised. That sets the scene and lays the groundwork for further services to migrate into the cloud.”

Where ERP differs from consumer cloud services such as Facebook, Google or YouTube, is that there are serious consequences when there is any interruption to service. “System unavailability means lost income. This, together with security concerns, is perhaps the biggest inhibitor to market acceptance of enterprise cloud services,” notes Marais.

The question of what becomes of the ‘traditional’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is a natural question to be asked as the era of cloud computing unfolds. ┬áThe answer is likely to change the ERP landscape, both from a vendor and a user perspective. The larger ERP vendors will continue to purchase smaller vendors to gain their niche expertise, technology and staff. Users will demand easier implementation, better disaster recovery, improved online assistance & training and mobile capabilities. The battle between traditional ERP and Cloud based services has just begun and promises to be an interesting battle. The likely winners will be vendors who are able to deliver both traditional and cloud based offerings.

For more information on Hansaworld ERP or Cloud services, contact Heidi Feemster at Mandatek.