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Mandatek- Your solution for Custom Software Development

Do you have an existing software product that needs to be customized to your specific situation? Or do you have an exciting idea for a new application? Mandatek provides complete, highly adaptable solutions in software development tailored to your specific requirements.

We will keep you informed about the status and progress of the development at all stages of the development project process. We encourage active customer participation at all phases of the process and work carefully to adhere to your exact specifications, avoiding costly revisions later. Working in close cooperation with our clients allows us to stay constantly on-track and within the budget while we design a product and service mix that precisely suits our customers’ needs.

We realize the importance of completing the project on time and extensive quality control. At Mandatek, we have the technical expertise you need.

Build or Buy?

The build versus buy decision can be challenging. But if your requirements are unique and can’t be supported by an off-the-shelf package, we can help